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Installation location of vertical roller mill classifier

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-04-20 16:29

Speaking of classifiers, everyone should know that it is one of the most important parts of vertical roller mill. It has a great impact on vertical roller mill. It directly affects the size of equipment output, so classifier plays an important role. During the customer's return visit, many customers will ask what is the relationship between the classifier and Vertical Grinding Mill, and how does the classifier affect the equipment? At the same time, the installation position of the classifier is not clear to everyone. Today, the experts of Dawning Heavy Machinery will give you a brief introduction.
First,the classifier plays an important role in the Raymond vertical roller mill. Its own quality directly affects the size of the output. It is also the top priority for the installation location. 
Second, only by placing the classifier in the best and reasonable position can it reflect its own value. It has achieved good classification itself, so that the particles entering the vertical roller mill are fully dispersed, and the agglomerated particles are thrown out of the wheel as large particles, and re-grinding, which can reduce the output of fine powder and increase the equipment. Energy consumption. Therefore, the relative position of the classifier and the vertical roller mill is very important.
Third, the classification chamber is mainly used as a downstream guide, which can help qualified fine powder enter the interior of the impeller, return the unqualified coarse powder to the vertical roller mill, and re-grind until it reaches the corresponding particle size.
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