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What is the number of the vertical roller mill classifier revolutions

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-04-15 16:29

In the previous article called Control and adjustment of vertical roller mill classifier, we learned how to control and adjust Vertical Roller Mill's classifier. So, is there any rotation limit for vertical roller mill's classifier? How should we adjust its rotation speed?
The classifier machine is one of the main components of vertical grinding mill (this article called The components and functions of vertical roller mill introduces the structure of vertical roller mill in detail). The grinding chamber is used for powder classification and grinding again. After the powder in the grinding chamber is blown away by the fan, it must pass through the classifier area of ??the vertical grinding mill. The classifier is a blade rotor that rotates evenly clockwise or counterclockwise around the center axis of the vertical roller mill, and its shape is similar to a fan. Its rotation speed directly determines the fineness and output of the powder milled by vertical roller mill. When the powder passes through the classifier again, the coarse powder is too slow, and the rotating blade of the classifier is knocked down to the grinding chamber, which is ground into a fine powder again so that it can pass through the classifier chamber.
The above is an introduction to the principle and structure of the vertical roller mill classifier. How many revolutions per minute should the vertical roller mill classifier be set? This depends on the material and fineness of the vertical roller mill, such as 200 mesh limestone with a specific gravity of 2.93, and the classifier speed is about 300-400 rpm.
The rotation speed of the vertical roller mill classifier machine should match the type of vertical roller mill and the air volume of the fan. The method of determining the speed is usually determined during the initial commissioning operation of the vertical roller mill.
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