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Reasons for bearing failure of vertical roller mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-04-09 16:51

Vertical roller mill bearings play an important role in vertical roller mill's work. As components that are more vulnerable to wear, what are the reasons for its failure?
 From the point of view of the failure of the vertical roller mill's mill bearings, whether the temperature of the bearings is too high, the bearings emit smoke, the bearings melt, or the bearings jump or the motor is overloaded, etc. can be summarized as vertical roller mill installation problems and daily maintenance is not Caused by the specification.
From the perspective of installation problems, when the vertical roller mill bearing is deformed, it is mostly caused by the external force directly hitting the bearing during the installation process, which makes the milling machine bearing deviate. These practices are very unprofessional practices. To be strictly stopped. When installing the bearing, we should choose a suitable or professional bearing installation tool. After installation, we can use a professional instrument to check it.
From the perspective of daily maintenance, there are two reasons for the failure of the vertical roller mill. One is that the lubricant is not properly added or the type is not selected properly, which makes the bearing temperature too high and the bearing melts and smokes. The second is the maintenance problem. During the daily maintenance process, the staff did not deal with some small faults in time, such as small fracture of the bearing and bearing dirt not cleaned in time, etc., which caused the bearing to run for a long time and overloaded, resulting in premature bearing damage and power failure. (For how to do the daily maintenance work of vertical roller mill bearings, you can refer to this article called Maintain bearing components of vertical roller mill)
The staff in the mill should know this knowledge, understand the problem of vertical roller mill bearing failure as a whole, and do daily maintenance and repair work, so that bearing failure treatment is in the bud.
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