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Storage requirements for shutdown of mine Raymond mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-09-25 14:34

As an important equipment in the grinding production line, Raymond mill not only brings considerable economic benefits to users, but also gets the favor of users in the scope of use and production efficiency, which can meet the different needs of different users. Of course, while meeting the needs of users, we should also pay attention to the use requirements of ore Raymond mill, so what are the specific?
First of all, when the ore Raymond grinding stops, it is necessary to stop feeding first, and then stop the operation of Raymond grinding when all the materials in the grinding chamber are discharged. The sequence of equipment shutdown and start-up is exactly the opposite. When crusher stops running, not only the oil supply system and cooling system need to be stopped, but also the remaining circulating water in the bearing should be released in winter.
Moreover, if the Raymond mill of ore needs to be placed for a long time, then we need to pay attention to the storage of equipment. Of course, this needs to be stored according to the weather, for example, in rainy days, the need to prevent moisture Raymond Mill, and in high temperature weather, the need to pay attention to ventilation, if not pay attention to these details, then the performance of ore Raymond Mill will be affected, and during the storage of ore Raymond Mill, operators. It is also necessary to check whether all parts of the equipment are in good condition, and the machine should be turned on every other time, so as to maintain the flexibility of the accessories. And before starting production, the equipment should be thoroughly checked. When everything is normal, the production operation can be carried out.

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